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Intensive Course.

Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Coding, Science, Application/SSAT

Grade 2 to 5

12/16/2020 - 12/22/2020

Novus Academy

The Talent School

Grade 2-5, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Coding, Application/SSAT

Programs Highlights

Learn, Be independent, Practice, Explore, Love, The Power of Role Models


Help our students to immerse themselves into the good life of being an avid reader and become flexible, resilient readers.


Learn, be independent, practice, explore, love, the power of role models.

Creative Writing

Writing is not just about getting ideas down on paper. It’s about helping our student grow up to know how to voice their ideas and speak out for what they believe in.


We aim to create mathematical excitement by asking students for the different ways they see and can solve the problems and by encouraging discussions rather than solving standard algorithm problems from rote memory.

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